By Dave Chrzanowski

May 17

Scottish singer @rosienimmo's third album proves to be hauntingly sparse and captivating affair...

Being compared to the likes of Billie Holiday, Patti Smith, and Dory Previn is a great compliment, but it could also heap a lot of pressure onto someone’s shoulders. Fortunately, where Rosie Nimmo is concerned, this is not the case.

The Scottish jazz singer is a stalwart of the Edinburgh International Jazz & Blues Festival, having played there annually since 2009. Scrapbook is Rosie’s third album and it is a stunning and delightful blend of modern jazz and folk with poetic lyrics. Her voice is attractive and enchanting, making it difficult to concentrate on the musical accompaniment. Stand out tracks are Hold Up, Stop, Take A Minute, and It’s So Good To Be Your Friend.

At times the album lacks in pace and the rare occasions that it does pick up speed do not last long, shiftily returning to the album’s sober state. However, this can be associated with the cool charisma of jazz, as the songs retain control and allow Nimmo’s voice and words to transport the listener to another time and place. Already released in Scotland at the end of January, it is now the turn of the rest of the UK to enjoy the relaxing pleasures of this album.

Verdict: An enchanting experience from start to finish

3 Stars

Ian Rankin left a lovely tweet on his twitter account...

Ian Rankin @Beathhigh

"Perfect Sunday evening listening - Rose Nimmo's latest CD, 'Scrapbook'."


Rosie Nimmo


Straddling the hinterland between jazz, blues and folk is the assured voice of singer/songwriter Rosie, whose previous albums Lazy & Mellow and Home both charmed and relaxed the listener most persuasively.

Her songs have the classic feel of standards, thoughtfully voicing timeless sentiments of love and romance, and move across the acknowledged styles from the late-night reflection of Stop Take A Minute to the upbeat observation of Other People, the laid-back depression-era shuffle of No Money to the insouciant lilt of Girl On A Bicycle, the Lindisfarne-like folk-pop beat of It's So Good To be Your Friend to the moving, pensive Clouds Colliding.

Rosie wrote all the songs herself, except for two (Hold Up and Dry Your Tears), which were co-written with Marc Pilley, the multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitar, keys and bass on most of the album. The fiery closing track, There Was A Man (Soldier Song), was recorded live on Rosie's home territory, at Leith Folk Club, Edinburgh.

Quality through and through, and the overriding impression is one of classy accomplishment and feelgood creativity. The album's final stages (the last three or four tracks) are especially impressive though. And Rosie's superlative but select backing crew (the aforementioned Marc Pilley, plus Tommy Nimmo, Stuart Allardyce and Emma Turley) really do her proud. Impossible not to like, and equally impossible to find fault. Easily recommendable, and no more need be said.

David Kidman

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"Yes, I've stopped (writing) and am taking a minute... (referring to the first song). Lovely album, Rosie. A real treat"

Rosie Nimmo "Home"
Kick My Heels; 2010

Edinburgh’s Rosie Nimmo has a rich, deep voice maybe in the range of Annie Lennox, although the style is bit subtler on this record. The music is sensitive jazz-blues-rock-lounge in style. A few songs are simply nice arrangements to showcase her voice, but a majority of the album has creative songs that don’t easily fit into simple categories. And of course that is a positive thing. The producer, Marc Pilley, deserves some credit for this as he also plays on this record. Between Pilley and Nimmo, they have created a nice album that is simple enough to play in the background, but complex enough to study under the headphones. “Low blue way” is the most interesting song here and the clearest folk song on the album.
© David Hintz


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