Another superspeed update - there was a slight miscommunication about the French review: It turns out that you can read it here by downloading the pdf on the front page... if that's gone (as these things do) try just directly downloading the pdf here. In both cases, the review itself is on the second page of the pdf. (Not the website) Hope that's all clear! :)

Thought you might all like to know - I just got given a support slot for the deeply bluesy Mr Eric Bibb on May 14th. As ever, keep an eye on the gig page for more details as they come in...

Very briefly folks here's what's happening to date.

The Wickerman Festival gig is now confirmed as 23rd July with further details to follow.

A big thank you to Mary Ann Kennedy and her colleagues at Global Gatherings for playing 'Nothing to Fear' on the show again last week. My merry little band of men will be accompanying me in a gig in the St. Bride's Acoustic Music Centre on 16th August as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

There's also a lovely review of the album from France on the reviews page. It was featured as one of six 'albums of the month' (The list included Sting and Woodstock!) for the library of the HEC Business School in Paris - do have a regardez... My friend, Francoise, suggested that it's 'le debut du succes en France' (the start of my success in France). Here's hoping eh!

And that was the news, but watch out here for new developments as they unfold before your eyes!

Well here we all are again after another highlight in my musical career to date. Said highlight was the gig supporting Lucy Wainwright Roche in Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms last Monday. My trusty band of men were there creating the musical background and support for my part. So a big thank you to Marc, Stuart and Tommy on percussion/bv’s, lead guitar and bass guitar respectively.

Lucy herself was just a delight; so natural and unaffected with a pure voice and great songs. And a great line in stand-up too. What more could we ask for?

Another local musician was playing support for her and I really liked what she did too. Why not check her out – Emily Scott – singing and playing solo on ukulele and guitar. I’m now sold on the idea of acquiring a ukulele although I’m still in banjo learning mode at the moment.

Some of the Radio Scotland shows have been playing my songs on their shows again so, thanks to Iain Anderson and team, Archie Fisher and team and the gang at the Jazz House. I also know that my album has been playlisted on Radio 6 International and went out on their big show on Saturday night. Oh, and here’s another first – sold an album direct from my website to someone in Australia last week. Strewth, cheers mate.

As usual, there are some irons in the fire regarding festivals, radio shows and foreign gigs. More will be revealed in the near future. For now, there is one gig confirmed for France in April. Details on the gigs page.

I’ve also a huge thank you to say to Belinda for taking some incredible photos of me; some of which are now on my gallery pages. Thanks to Martin too, for keeping you all updated on the website, although he is soon passing that over to me, so it might not be as seamless as it’s been up till now.

Marc and I continue to develop the second album and are having huge, creative fun in the process. Win, win.

PS Don’t think I’ve trumpeted this enough from the rooftops but my first single which is a double A side of Spider and Fly and (a re-recorded) Girl on a Bicycle is due for release on 23rd March. Contact me for further information.

STOP PRESS: Looks like there's a gig coming up at the Wickerman Festival which runs from 23/24th July. Details to follow. Hurrah!

‘Time….there’s never enough of it’ - a wee taster for you there of ‘Timeclock’ one of the new songs on the next album; how true, how true. Life is so hectic, can’t wait to go off to France for a couple of weeks soon to do nothing more exhausting than drink red wine, eat good food, go for long, lazy walks and bike rides and smell the early spring flowers. It’s a tough job...

No recording done this week as Marc and I were busy rehearsing for the Lucy Wainwright Roche gig on the 8th March. Marc’s on backing vox and percussion and it’s sounding awesome.

I’m also getting quite carried away by the discussions he and I are having about touring Europe on a double bill of Hobotalk and me (and my band). Sounds like a definite maybe for doing that, if not this summer, then next. I already have the French Connections mes amis!

More pics on the gallery at last – thanks to Belinda who did a great job (in terrible lighting) at the recent gig with Mairi et al in Portobello.

I’m now booked onto the Three Harbours Festival again in East Lothian this summer with Polly and the Porty Belles. As well as this, my pal Martin and I will be gigging in the Leith Festival again. Is it coming up to summer or something? Check out gigs page for details.

My album has been featured on John Macdonald’s show on Sunny Govan Radio this week and I was playing live on East Coast FM last Friday which was fun. Today Haddington and Glasgow, tomorrow…Dunkeld?! Actually, yes. We’ll be there for a couple of days and will be in the Taybank on Friday night in the Music Room playing some stuff with the other musos. It’s always been a good night any other time we’ve been there.

Until the next time, adios amigos.

Did a couple of interesting gigs last week. First up was the benefit concert on Friday night which was organised by Mairi Campbell. Mairi played on my songs with me as did Marc Pilley (Hobotalk) and Stuart Allardyce. It was just like the album launch night all over again.

On Saturday, I did a little gig in Coda with the able assistance of Tommy and made some new fans. Welcome on board folks.

I will be playing live on East Coast Radio's morning show on Friday, 19th February at 10.20. Will also be chatting with the host, Graeme Logan about forthcoming events.

The single is being released on 23rd March and will be a double A side of Spider and Fly and a re-recorded version of Girl on a Bicycle. The radio shows have their pre-release copies and I understand there are already plans afoot to play it. Cheers m'dears.

Hope to see you at one of the gigs that are planned for the next few weeks. I have to say I am especially excited about the re-scheduled support gig for Lucy Wainwright Roche on 8th March in the Voodoo Rooms. This lady is really going places - catch her while you can, (she's great) and while tickets are a measly £7. I know that Marc will be performing with my wee merry band that night and that brings a great extra dimension.

Look after yourselves and can I just say a huge congratulations to my pal Martin and his FIANCEE Susie; I'm delighted for you guys. Way to go...

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