Well, here I am just back from France with some exciting developments since I've been away.

Firstly, I've been asked to do a support slot for Catherine Feeny this Thursday in Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, from 7.30.

I've also been invited to be interviewed live on Radio Scotland's Music Cafe show on Wednesday, 3rd November, from 1.15pm with some tracks from 'Home' being played on the show too. Very much looking forward to both of these events.

Once I get myself organised, I'll send some more reviews of 'Home' - which is now officially released today and available on all major download sites as well as from my site - thanks to my glamorous assistant, Martin, to download.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about what I'm up to and future plans, you can do so on my Facebook pages where you can join me as a friend, a fan and/or a supporter of my soon to be released Winter single 'Being a Child Again (In the Snow)'.

Until then, adios amigos or a bientot mes amis.'

Well, that was a rather hectic weekend, what with the jazz and blues lineups playing in the Callander Jazz and Blues Festival (and squeezing in an extra gig on Friday night to plug a gap left by a call-off). We also played a gig of my own songs in the Festival and that was a very interesting experience for us; playing in the Arts and Antiquities Centre in Doune surrounded by many beautiful artefacts. We even had one old lady dancing in the aisles to Pavlov's Dog!

Of course, the main event of the weekend for me was my album launch night last night in the Voodoo Rooms. What a lovely night it was too. A great atmosphere and Stuart and Tommy played their parts so well. We received loads of great comments at the end of the night, with the new album title track 'Home' being singled out for particular praise. Another milestone reached. I know that Iain Anderson really likes this new album and he proves this by playing a variety of tracks from it on his show. Just had a really good review from R2 magazine - find it on the review's page.

Time to go now, so until the next time, adios amigos.

Well, here we are again and what a weekend it’s been. Three important (for me) gigs in three days so what happens? I woke up on Saturday with a sore throat.

Without going on and on about the common (!!??) cold, suffice to say that Doctor Stage worked his magic and each gig was successful and great fun. Can’t really ask for much more than that.

Stuart and I played at a lovely wedding on Saturday afternoon – CONGRATULATIONS Sue and David, (what a delightful couple) then back to Edinburgh for the launch party of the Book Festival. I was complimented on the band and my harmonica playing by Richard Jobson who, together with his friends and the other guests, did seem to be having a great time. Thanks to Amanda and Nick for asking us to play again this year.

Sunday was truly a day of rest for me where I tried to fool my cold into leaving so that I could be in good voice for my Fringe gig last night at St. Bride’s.

It was very heartening to see so many people come along for that gig, friends and family as well as new faces. What an enjoyable gig it was for me - the audience enjoyed it too, singing along gustily to the choruses of ‘Timeclock’ and ‘Girl on a Bicycle’. In fact, some of them seemed to enjoy it rather too much–you know who you are, you enthusiasts :D

Well, that’s all the Festival excitement over for the time being. Time now to concentrate on learning to play the new piano I bought last week. Cover your ears and hide, people.

I need to find another way to describe Iain Anderson on BBC Radio Scotland, as I keep calling him 'that lovely man'. But until I do...

That lovely man, Iain Anderson, played 'Never go Back' from my new cd 'Home', on his show last night and talked up my Fringe show at St. Bride's on 16th August. I'd only sent the album out to him the day before so I'm delighted to say 'thank you' to him for being so quick off the mark. Hope I never get blase about hearing my stuff on the radio as it's such a thrill.

Have a good weekend and maybe see some of you at one of the gigs I'm doing in the next wee while.

So, hope you’re all well. That’s me got the first festival with my own material under my belt now, having played in the Acoustic Village at the Wickerman yesterday. And what a great day it was; just the pared down band of Stuart and me. Think we were both a bit awestruck on our arrival, as neither of us had been to the Wickerman before and there was so much to take in. The setting and weather were fabulous and there was a real buzz about the place with monsters, fairies and a great variety of creatures just strolling about looking pretty happy. Only after we’d done our gig did we discover the merchandising tents selling all sorts of outfits where instant transformations could take place.

Thanks to the organisers for inviting me to play, cheers Nicola, and to the great sound folk on the day, Chris, Beth and the others whose names I didn’t get.

Had the audience singing along to Timeclock and Girl on a Bicycle at the end (including the very funny bunch of guys who came in later and joined in with gusto); what a great way to spend a gloriously sunny Friday afternoon. Once we’d played we got a chance to soak up the atmosphere for a couple of hours before setting off on our long journey home. We’re definitely hoping to play there again next year but will probably stay over next time to make the most of it all.


My first double A side single (taken from forthcoming album ‘Home’) ‘Moonglow Music’ and ‘The End’ was released yesterday on ITUNES and all other major download stores. You can buy it via the Music page on my website – if you’re so inclined :D

Just confirmed a gig in Avalanche Music Store, Cockburn Street in Edinburgh during the Festival. Details on gigs page.

Tickets for the show in St. Bride’s on 16th August have started to sell so please don’t wait too long if you’re planning to come along; it’s not a big capacity room.

Off to play in the Dundee Blues Bonanza with my merry little blues band now. Until the next time mes amis….

PS The guestbook crashed a few weeks ago and all the existing posts were lost. So if you want to add a comment, or had done so already and it’s disappeared, please do so. It’s dead easy. Honest!

Well, back in the land of work after three weeks en vacances in relaxing and very hot France. Actually did a couple of gigs there which went well, one unscheduled one at a Marche Bio when our friends the organisers asked us to play a couple of sets. It was lovely except for one thing that I had overlooked; intense, muggy heat, performing in a field close to a river = mosquitoes. What do you do when you're in the middle of playing and can actually watch the little beggars landing on your arm and having their tea???......keep going is the answer. The second gig was more civilised, in a very chic bar/restaurant to a small but perfectly formed audience some of whom have become new fans. Bonjour.

Bonjour also to a Dutch couple Jimmy and Floor (think Fleur) who bought both of my albums at a vide grenier after I'd played them an impromptu song (at their request). Somewhat bizarre experience playing and singing beside a field somewhere in rural France on a Sunday morning while being filmed by a complete stranger :D

And now to the big news - Wickerman Festival gig this Friday at 1.30 in the Acoustic Tent. I will be ably assisted at this by Stuart. On the same day (not entirely coincedentally) my very first single is being released on all digital marketplaces. It's a double A side of 'Moonglow Music' and 'The End' - both of which are on the new album, 'Home' which is soon to be available. I've already got my copy and am delighted with it not only in its production and content but also in the cover and layout. (Thanks for all these elements to Marc, Ali, Martin and Belinda amongst others).

Watch this space for more details to follow re launch night etc.

Got to go now. Until the next time, enjoy the summer.

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