Looking forward to playing in Portobello Library, Rosefield Avenue, on Saturday, 5th March as part of their World Book Day event. Admission is free and I'll be on at 5pm for a short set. I'll be joined by sundry members of my band.

As part of the event, the library are giving away free books!!!!! as well as free refreshments. Can't be bad.

Also in the process of finalising details for the gigs I have coming up in April - two of which are already on the website. Once I know for sure what's happening I'll keep you posted.

So sorry I've not been keeping you all up to date on every detail but life (ie working life) is just so busy at the moment. Trying to keep up with all that entails as well as doing the music stuff is a full time job. Thankfully, it's a job I love.

There are developments in my little music world. The first thing to say is that, sadly, we're not going to be at the Wickerman Festival this year :( We'd been looking forward to it and were disappointed, although not surprised, to hear that there have been so many applications from new acts who had to be given a space that there is no space for us.

Still waiting to hear about the BBC Radio programme interview. Will keep you posted.

What is definitely happening is that I'll be interviewed on Leith FM radio on Monday, 14th February, in advance of a gig that Stuart and I are doing in the Shore Bar, Leith, that evening as a Valentine's special. The show goes out at 12.15 and Graeme Scott, the presenter, will also be featuring some of the songs from 'Home'.

More gigs lining up including one on 2nd April in the Jewel and Esk College, Food Extravaganza, Milton Road East, Edinburgh from 11am. Details of this and the other new gigs will be up on the gig page soon.

Until next time, mes amis...

what a great time we had in Celtic Connections on the DKOS on Friday evening, 21st January. Huge thanks to Cathy for her wonderful fiddle playing and to Tommy for his great bass.

There are three video clips and you can see them on the video page or have a butchers on YouTube


Will post another entry soon but must go now.... :D

Well, here we are in another year. I hope that 2011 is a good one for you all. I've just returned from a trip to France and it was very hard to drag myself back here to reality, I have to say.

However, I've now become acclimatised again and am looking forward to what this year might bring, including our gig tomorrow (14th) in Noble's in Leith. There are a few new gigs added to my diary including a slot at Celtic Connections DKOS on Friday, 21st January. See gigs page for details of them all.

I know I keep promising exciting developments but they are coming, honestly. You'll just have to be patient, like me, and wait for them.

Looks like the Wickerman will be on our list this year again. I think it'll be hard to beat the weather we had there for our first performance last year. Will have more details of that in the next blog. Also got a (very) late, short review for 'Lazy and Mellow' from Piers Ford, a reviewer who loved 'Home' and has only just heard the first album. See reviews page for that.

Until next time.... Rosie :D

Hi folks. Not been too much that I've been able to report of late as I'm still waiting on developments.

The Christmas single, 'Being a Child Again (in the Snow)' had a couple of airings on Radio Scotland this week. First time was on the Jazz House on Wednesday night (this will be repeated on Sunday) and then again on Iain Anderson's show last night. You can catch both shows on the BBC iplayer for a week after initial airing.

Hope you have a great weekend.

First fings first folks (alliteration, ah adore (a)it). Tuesday night at the Queen's Hall for the Michelle Shocked gig which was fantastic. Met the promoter, Gavin for the first time and he's keen to be promoting me and my music too. Thumbs up for that.

One minute I'm sitting in the audience loving the gig and the next minute I'm up on stage with Michelle and her great band (which included Peter O'Toole of the Hothouse Flowers) playing mandolin for the first time in my life and doing backing vocals. Brilliant fun and a memory to treasure for ever. See gallery page for pics.

The following day was the live Radio Scotland interview with Bruce on the Music Cafe, in some illustrious company, I may say. Check it out here on the audio page. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience albeit quite thought provoking and sad in parts.

There are also a couple of new reviews for 'Home' which have just come in and can be found on the review page. One of these reviews in particular has been reading my mail, I think.

Lots of other irons in the fire just now and I'm just waiting on them coming home to roost. (May as well mix my metaphors deliberately as I'm always doing it accidentally anyway!)

Until next time chums...

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