Just a quick newsflash to say - due to circumstances way beyond my control, the Rosy Blue Jazz gig at The National Gallery on the mound has had to be cancelled. We WILL however be at the Portrait Gallery on the 10th December, so that's not TOO bad!

Also, you might have noticed that what was once call the 'blog' is now a 'news' page - that's because I'm now putting out a Newsletter, more or less once a month, which will feature much of what the blog was going to contain, as well as snippets of newsy information, all of which made the blog redundant. Instead, the news page will feature occasional items of interest or actual 'newsflashes' like this one. Just thought you'd like to know!

All the best

So, I’m definitely improving in the frequency of blog updates, given that the last (brief) one was only two months ago. As usual, life is full-on busy although I probably wouldn’t want it any other way! In the last week I’ve done three gigs (including two blues/rock band gigs – www.rosybluemusic.com for details), two of them while suffering from a cold which I’m happy to say has now gone. Three gigs in a week is pretty exceptional and will be topped off by another one tonight. The only of these recent gigs which was exclusively my own songs was the private function at the Bonham on Monday past where I was ‘The Entertainment’. Just me and my guitar; challenging but fun.

Marc and I are still working on the third album for which I have now identified a piece of my artwork from my degree show which will be used as the album sleeve image. More on this later... Yesterday we were recording some of the finishing touches to a brand new song that hasn’t even got to the gig stage yet. I’m really excited about it as it’s a bit of departure for me, in that it evokes the funky/pop spirit and feel of the early 70’s.

An update on what else is new is that, together with Stuart, I have played at one venue where we’ve not played for a while – The Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Leith, but where we hope to be back soon and will also be playing at Café Tartine, Commercial Street, Leith, next Saturday for the first time. The following Saturday, 30th May, I’ve been asked to headline a benefit night for the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal. There are five acts on in one gig with another of the bands being my pal, the inimitable Norman Lamont - ‘The Scottish Leonard Cohen’. Full details on the gigs page.

Thanks, as ever to my webmeister, Martin Lennon, for unfailingly keeping everything updated on my website.

And finally... thanks to all of you who continue to support my music and give me such great feedback. Have a fabulous early summer – when it comes!

Just a wee note to say you can now buy tickets for this years Fringe show on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website!

Adios again for now, Amigos :)

Just a quick note to say that there are now new videos here on the site and on YouTube taken at the recent Leith Folk Club gig!

Adios for now, Amigos :)

Well, I’m considering myself well and truly chastised having had it brought to my attention that I’d not written anything for my blog since last summer! My paltry excuse of having moved house does not mitigate the fact that I’ve been a bit tardy in writing. Apologies and I can only say I hope you’ve not been holding your breath. You haven’t? Thank goodness for that...

So, apart from having moved house, I’m also still working on the third album with Marc and we’re not really in any hurry to get it finished as it’s such an enjoyable process to actually take time to write and play about with new songs. Indeed one of the songs is about taking the time to appreciate what’s going on around us instead of rushing headlong into everything. We’re now at the fine-tuning stage for some of the songs, with four already in the bag and another three still germinating away in my brain. The working title for the album has now changed to ‘Scrapbook’ and that’s one of the songs which is really only a title just now. Hoping for some inspiration about a tune when I’m on a week’s holiday soon.

Just did a really enjoyable gig last night at Leith Folk Club with the wonderful Martin Lennon as support. Always a pleasure to listen to what he has to say/sing. Stuart and Tommy were on good form as part of the team with Stuart playing some particularly magical solos on guitar. Everyone seemed to enjoy what we did and we got some great feedback as well as enthusiastic audience participation during the gig.

I’ve taken my first booking for France in the summer and we’ll be playing at Cadouin, for the third year running, on 7th July. We love it there and hope to see our French friends and fans at that one.

In the meantime, cooking beckons so I’ll just say farewell, adieu, to you and you and you...

Well, it's good to be back in sunny Scotland after a few weeks in la belle France where we not only holidayed but also did four fun gigs. So a big 'bonjour' to our new fans and friends in south western France - it was great to meet you all and thanks for all your support and positive comments :)

There are some exciting developments happening for me just now, not least of which is that Tom Morton has started to give my music some airplay on his BBC Scotland show 'Morton through midnight'. Thanks for this to Tom and producer, Nick.

As you'll see from my home page, there are new songs available to download from Bandcamp - it seems to be the best way of getting music in a high quality format that you, the buyer, likes. Please try it and let me know what you think.

Marc and I are still having a lot of fun working on my third album. There are four new songs finished already with quite a few others still in various stages.

I'm playing at the National Portrait Gallery on Thursday, 24th July from 6pm for 40 minutes and then dashing off to our regular venue, The Shore Bar, Leith for a half past eight gig there preceded by their fabulous fish and chips!!

But of course, for me my main concert is the Fringe gig that I'm doing on 16th August - full details of which are on the gig page - and that one will involve the full band and a full complement of new songs as well as some old favourites. Hope you can make it along to that.

In the meantime, have a great summer and I hope to see you soon :)


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