Rosie Nimmo
Lazy And Mellow
(Kick My Heels)

Lazy And Mellow it says on the cover, and you’ll get no argument from me on that score.

Right from the start, the honeyed tones of Rosie Nimmo’s voice trap the listener’s ears in the sweet web of Spider And Fly; thus ensnared, we glide through the Reinhardt/Grappelli mood of Pavlov’s Dog and on to some seriously strong songwriting in the shape of Dangerous, Joy and the title track.

For some time now, the Edinburgh-based singer with Rosy Blue has been storing up songs for a solo release and here it is.

Perhaps the acoustic guitar is a bit rudimentary, too heavy on the strumming, particularly when sitting behind the precise diction and soft caress of Nimmo’s voice; she has the breathy quality of a cocktail jazz seductress, particularly when she slips down into her lower register.

But that’s only a quibble; this is a jazzy, rootsy, laidback concoction that makes good use of subtle arrangements and guest players, particularly Mairi Campbell on fiddle and viola.

Alan Morrison 25/10/09

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