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Sink into your comfiest chair, pour a mug of your favourite steamy drink and sit back. Rosie Nimmo's second album 'Home', puts you just there. While she takes inspiration from American country music and strays off onto bluesy tangents, this lady from Edinburgh's warbling voice washes over like a calm tide, inviting our minds to dreamily ponder about how simple life really is.

Well, that's what it did for me. The first half of the album reminded me a lot of Lee-Ann Womack's "I hope you dance" days. "Never Look Back" sets the tone for the album. Nimmo's voice floats above the tinkly acoustic guitar, tickling our ears and warming us up. The tone continues in a similar way until "Timeclock", where the guitar gets a little angry and loses its whimsical charm. Though this isn't a bad thing, when I realised that Nimmo had some 'grr', I started to like her as well as her music.

It's a shame that some songs such as "Moonglow Music" and "Listen To Your Own Voice" tend to slip into a harmonious background hum as they are similar melodically. But the album ends with the beautiful violin-tinged "Little Bird", which sent me into a little trance. It was just lovely. Have a listen.

Nimmo's new album hits like strawberry jam: simple, sweet, textured and good with cake.

Catherine Dunstan 4/10/2010

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