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On the back of Rosie Nimmo's 2nd album 'Home' is a picture of herself laying on her sofa with her dog by her side. Looking comfortably playful and with cowboy boots on, there is an air of confidence, of not needing to hide behind a 'pouty moody' look and a feel of being... well yes, at home. Without that 'staged' presence Rosie looks every bit a real woman. It's an honest look I find, and I like it. And so I admit with hands held high that I judged a CD by it's back cover before I even listened to the first track. Isn't this what most of us do? I hear you ask. Well yes, and that's why I mention the homely looking CD packaging photograph in the first place; it's a good indication of what you can expect from the album as a whole.

Pure of voice and flexible enough to shift her overall tone from a high silky almost hypnotic lull (think Alison Krauss ) to a deeper textured raunchier vocal (think Patti Smith). Rosie Nimmo's songs blend styles of country, folk, jazz and blues beautifully and with little quirks here and there, for instance the subtle time change in 'Never Go Back' and the hint of Egyptian inflection in 'Time Clock', make up a lovely and delicious collection of songs. Nimmo brings with her strong song writing a string of fine musicians who accompany her music perfectly, never overdone, and we can still tell who's boss.

So to reflect my earlier statement regarding the CD photographic design and packaging; A wholesome, honest and 'real woman' type album. Only there are no dogs.

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