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Edinburgh based Rosie Nimmo has been singing jazz & blues for several years including performances at the Edinburgh International Jazz & Blues Festival and the International Book Festival for the last two years.

Her second album Home was released this month, featuring the renowned fiddle player Mairi Campbell amongst an ensemble of top musicians who compliment Rosie’s voice and songwriting skills on a collection of songs exploring the trials and tribulations of life.

Home is the second self composed album from Rosie Nimmo who hitherto had chosen to cover other peoples music, the success of her debut Lazy & Mellow led her to continue writing her own songs which she shares on this second album.

Given Rosie’s fondness of jazz and blues the songs on Home are surprisingly contemporary leaning more towards pop music which will no doubt broaden the appeal of the album although it is more late night listening than daytime radio pop.

Favourites for me on the album are the beautifully sensitive The End, the title track Home, the opener Never Go Back and the final track Little Bird, all of which represent the softer most sensitive side of Rosie’s various singing styles.

Being A Child Again (In The Snow) is a wonderful jazz driven romp, a lovely track on which the singer perhaps sounds most at home, but overall it is the variety of songs and singing styles that make this album stand out from the crowd.

A voice to be celebrated on a haunting and intimate collection of songs, this is Home by Rosie Nimmo.

John Williams, - Wednesday 20.10.10

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