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Rosie Nimmo's new album Home is released at a time when there are already a fair few female singer/songwriters plying their wares. It very congested at the moment and getting attention will be hard. Home is a very well executed album and the performances are uniformly excellent. In particular Ms Nimmo's voice which has a clarity and range that does set her apart from others. The plaintive Never Go Back opens the album and it's very easy to see oneself pouring a glass of wine and flopping into the sofa, and switching off. Precious Mistakes up the pace a little and is a jaunty country tinged song. Coming halfway through the album Timeclock is a welcome departure with its sinister metronomic beat and eastern melodies.

Listen To Your Own Voice's main riff brings to mind The Proclaimers. The title track is has to be said is a beautiful song. From its acoustic beginning it slowly builds collecting and subtly adding viola and a mellotron but it's Ms Nimmo's voice that fills out this song.

Paul Chapinal

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