Rosie Nimmo

A wise man – actually it was a woman when I come to think of it – once said "it's all in the breeding". Listening to Rosie Nimmo's second album "Home" gave rise to that uncommon feeling of inbuilt quality. Perfectly poised throughout, she showed the kind of style and class that few have these days.

Her phrasing is with just the merest hint of Julie London huskiness evident in "Low Blue Way" and "Life Can Pin You To The Wall" but there is more here than late night listening for the melancholy at heart. Almost as if Ms Nimmo is showcasing what she can do as a songwriter, she lightly sidesteps into something a little offbeat, even cabaret, like "Time Clock" before tiptoeing into the mainstream with "Precious Mistakes". However, mastering the conventional takes seemingly little effort and Ms Nimmo soon moves into the heart stealing business with the wistful "The End" (and that's the one that sold this album to me).

I can see this album taking up residence on the CD players – it is way too good for an iPod - of the cognoscenti and, nicely produced by Marc Pilley, it will sound right at home there. Like I said, Ms Nimmo shows she is truly a class act here.

Review by: Bluesbunny


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