Rosie Nimmo

It's different for girls. Apparently. And much more difficult too, I would imagine. In an industry still top-heavy with men, both in terms of artists and influence, just exactly where do you pitch yourself when you have already fallen foul of that dreaded "singer/songwriter" descriptor? Forever conjured up in people's minds as some sort of peak-capped folkie bearing an uncanny resemblance to a young Joan Baez and ideologically on the way back home from Yasgar's Farm before they have even heard a note, there has to be many a river to cross. Do you therefore go for a spot on the trajectory somewhere between KT Tunstall and Martha Wainwright, position yourself as another alternative to Feist, Joan Osborne or Sandi Thom or merely allow your promotional people to invite comparisons with Dory Previn and Billie Holiday? In Rosie Nimmo's case only the latter is entirely true, even though the assertion remains at best inaccurate and at worst unhelpful.

So what does the Auld Reekie songstress do for her second album? Well, she writes eleven deceptively simple songs about love and life and those mundane and magical moments in between, gets some good friends who just happen to be very accomplished musicians on board, knocks the tunes out at Shed Recording in a pure voice, assured and fragile in equal measure, and then sits back waiting for all those tired and lazy similarities to be drawn. Joan Wasser springs most notably to mind on "Life Can Pin You To the Wall " and this constant searching for verisimilitude occasionally detracts from Rosie Nimmo having a voice of her own, but her light ultimately shines through and imbues her future with a cautious, though not entirely unique optimism.

Simon Godley

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