Rosie Nimmo

Lazy And Mellow ***

Edinburgh's Rosie Nimmo cut her teeth singing for various blues and jazz acts across the capital, a period that seems to have been incredibly influential on this, her first debut outing. Lazy and Mellow - which delivers exactly what its title suggests - imports much of the lounging rhythms and laid-back air inherent in both genres and blends it with Nimmo's alluring vocal and lyrical whimsy. The hushed entrance of Spider And Fly gives way to Nimmo's quirkier side on the fiddle-led Pavlov's dog, but the real beauty of her voice is revealed in the toned-down dreaminess of tracks like Nothing To Fear and the title cut. At times, the album follows fairly standard acoustic fare, keeping safe distance from any serious experimentation. However, the addition of rich, yet subtle instrumentation helps to add colour to Nimmo's delicate canvas. Altogether, Lazy and Mellow makes for ideal easy listening. (Original here)

The Skinny. Ryan Drever, Wed 10 Feb 2010

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