Rosie Nimmo

Lazy and Mellow ****1/2

Maverick Magazine

Echoing, delightful vocals and simply stupendous instrumentations, this hugely enjoyable album is a must for all.

Releasing here her first self-released debut album, UK artist Rosie Nimmo has produced a fine set of twelve tracks that really do sound as though as they have been around for some time due to how good they are. But, in fact, they are not old at all. What an achievement this album is.

With a top-notch Americana sound to it, Joy seems as though some of the best in romantic bluegrass have had some input into this track. With Mairi Campbell's fiddling exceptionally delivered, this is one heck of a relaxing yet pleasurable song. The groove of Girl on a Bicycle certainly has a Dylan twinge to it. With a counterculture feel about it which wouldn't sound out of place if performed by The Turtles or The Seekers, this sure is one fine track that best demonstrates Rosie's talent. With an ace beginning, More has a somewhat jamming sound which I'm sure came from Rosie and her band playing together during countless rehearsal sessions. A track for nodding along to that's for sure, as well as raising a smile as it really is a corker of a song.

Having graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1997, Rosie sure has used her musical paintbrush here to paint an exceedingly poignant and certainly delightful picture on a canvas that you never tire looking at.


Maverick Magazine

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