Here are a selection of photos of me together with some of the wonderful musicians I get to work with. If you need a photo for inclusion on websites or in articles, do feel free to get in touch.

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  • PortyBeach
  • marc
  • rosie-3
  • rosie_1
  • rosie_2
  • rosie_3
  • rosie_4
  • stuart
  • stuart_1
  • tommy
  • shocked1
  • shocked2
  • shocked3
  • shocked4
  • shocked5
  • shocked6
  • shocked7
  • shocked8

These are from a photo session for the Home album. All of these photos were taken by Belinda Love.

  • home1
  • home2
  • home3
  • home4
  • home5
  • home6
  • home7
  • home8

Photos from a great gig at the National Gallery.

  • gallery_1
  • gallery_2
  • gallery_3
  • gallery_4
  • gallery_5
  • gallery_6
  • gallery_7

A variety of photos taken over the last few years, by some great friends including Belinda Love and Martin Lennon

  • performing
  • performing2
  • performing3
  • performing4
  • performing5
  • performing6
  • performing7
  • performing8
  • performing9
  • rosie


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