it's taken me a little time to get round to writing about the Fringe gig last Friday but that's just because life is completely BUSY just now. And on top of all the usual stuff, you know how they say that one of the most stressful things you can do is move house? Well, guess what? Yes, house selling at the moment with all of the joys that entails.

Enough of this and to Friday's gig. A capacity audience again, as we had last year. Very hot room, people from all over the world in the audience and Stuart, Tommy, Emma and I on stage. A great night. Probably one of my top three gigs. What a pleasure to play with these guys. And what a pleasure to speak with some of the audience members afterwards (some of whom I know, strangely enough); especially Phillip and Maureen who had me as one of their top 'must see' shows after hearing me on BBC Northern Ireland. Glad you enjoyed the show so much guys.

There's also a review done by John at You'd never guess I'm writing this while not at home with all of the relevant info to hand :D

Hope all's well with y'all and catch you soon at a venue near you...

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