Now racing towards the Edinburgh Fringe gig at St. Bride's Acoustic Music Centre on Friday, 19th at 9pm. I can't believe that we've already got both of the Jazz Festival gigs under our belts; they seem like a dim and distant memory now. At the time we got very lucky with the weather for the Mardi Gras. The sun shone on us and the huge crowd who turned out to enjoy the music that day. If you were one of them, 'hi'. It was lovely to be in such demand that when we were having to finish because of the time curfew the crowd almost rioted. Rock 'n roll, eh? A special 'hi' to Catriona who caught us that day and also came along to the Music Library on Monday as she enjoyed us, and 'Lazy and Mellow' so much :) There will be some videos of us at the Mardi Gras appearing on the band website and youtube in the next few days.

Our other, duo, gig at the Jamhouse was enjoyable in a different way. What a treat to see James Hunter and his band play after us. Wow, check him out.

Better get off this computer and do something real now before it steals my soul.

It would be great to see you at St. Bride's on Friday.

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