Well, where did that three week chunk of time just go? It's not an insubstantial amount of time and, while in France, it seemed to last forever (in a good way). While in France we played in a venue where we'd played before and this has led to a couple of new and interesting leads for next summer.

Anyway, here we are again and I must say it's great to be home and preparing for all of the exciting events in the next couple of months including the Jazz and Blues Festival gigs this weekend and next and the Fringe show in August.

There are also other Festival gigs that have been added to my diary so please check out the gig page for details. Just before going off on holiday I met Peter Asher at a film about the Troubadour Club in LA which was being premiered at the EIFF. I really value his opinion as he was James Taylor's manager for many, many years and if you know anything about me at all you'll know I'm a big JT fan. To cut a long story short, he likes my music! See the reviews page for what he has to say...

Better go and do something more pressing now but I hope to see some of you at a gig in the near future. Please come over and say hello. That would be lovely :D

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These are just the next few gigs I'm doing. For a full list, check the gigs page. For more info on these gigs, just click each gig.