Well, here we are in another year. I hope that 2011 is a good one for you all. I've just returned from a trip to France and it was very hard to drag myself back here to reality, I have to say.

However, I've now become acclimatised again and am looking forward to what this year might bring, including our gig tomorrow (14th) in Noble's in Leith. There are a few new gigs added to my diary including a slot at Celtic Connections DKOS on Friday, 21st January. See gigs page for details of them all.

I know I keep promising exciting developments but they are coming, honestly. You'll just have to be patient, like me, and wait for them.

Looks like the Wickerman will be on our list this year again. I think it'll be hard to beat the weather we had there for our first performance last year. Will have more details of that in the next blog. Also got a (very) late, short review for 'Lazy and Mellow' from Piers Ford, a reviewer who loved 'Home' and has only just heard the first album. See reviews page for that.

Until next time.... Rosie :D

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These are just the next few gigs I'm doing. For a full list, check the gigs page. For more info on these gigs, just click each gig.