First fings first folks (alliteration, ah adore (a)it). Tuesday night at the Queen's Hall for the Michelle Shocked gig which was fantastic. Met the promoter, Gavin for the first time and he's keen to be promoting me and my music too. Thumbs up for that.

One minute I'm sitting in the audience loving the gig and the next minute I'm up on stage with Michelle and her great band (which included Peter O'Toole of the Hothouse Flowers) playing mandolin for the first time in my life and doing backing vocals. Brilliant fun and a memory to treasure for ever. See gallery page for pics.

The following day was the live Radio Scotland interview with Bruce on the Music Cafe, in some illustrious company, I may say. Check it out here on the audio page. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience albeit quite thought provoking and sad in parts.

There are also a couple of new reviews for 'Home' which have just come in and can be found on the review page. One of these reviews in particular has been reading my mail, I think.

Lots of other irons in the fire just now and I'm just waiting on them coming home to roost. (May as well mix my metaphors deliberately as I'm always doing it accidentally anyway!)

Until next time chums...

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