Well, here we are again and what a weekend it’s been. Three important (for me) gigs in three days so what happens? I woke up on Saturday with a sore throat.

Without going on and on about the common (!!??) cold, suffice to say that Doctor Stage worked his magic and each gig was successful and great fun. Can’t really ask for much more than that.

Stuart and I played at a lovely wedding on Saturday afternoon – CONGRATULATIONS Sue and David, (what a delightful couple) then back to Edinburgh for the launch party of the Book Festival. I was complimented on the band and my harmonica playing by Richard Jobson who, together with his friends and the other guests, did seem to be having a great time. Thanks to Amanda and Nick for asking us to play again this year.

Sunday was truly a day of rest for me where I tried to fool my cold into leaving so that I could be in good voice for my Fringe gig last night at St. Bride’s.

It was very heartening to see so many people come along for that gig, friends and family as well as new faces. What an enjoyable gig it was for me - the audience enjoyed it too, singing along gustily to the choruses of ‘Timeclock’ and ‘Girl on a Bicycle’. In fact, some of them seemed to enjoy it rather too much–you know who you are, you enthusiasts :D

Well, that’s all the Festival excitement over for the time being. Time now to concentrate on learning to play the new piano I bought last week. Cover your ears and hide, people.

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