Well, back in the land of work after three weeks en vacances in relaxing and very hot France. Actually did a couple of gigs there which went well, one unscheduled one at a Marche Bio when our friends the organisers asked us to play a couple of sets. It was lovely except for one thing that I had overlooked; intense, muggy heat, performing in a field close to a river = mosquitoes. What do you do when you're in the middle of playing and can actually watch the little beggars landing on your arm and having their tea???......keep going is the answer. The second gig was more civilised, in a very chic bar/restaurant to a small but perfectly formed audience some of whom have become new fans. Bonjour.

Bonjour also to a Dutch couple Jimmy and Floor (think Fleur) who bought both of my albums at a vide grenier after I'd played them an impromptu song (at their request). Somewhat bizarre experience playing and singing beside a field somewhere in rural France on a Sunday morning while being filmed by a complete stranger :D

And now to the big news - Wickerman Festival gig this Friday at 1.30 in the Acoustic Tent. I will be ably assisted at this by Stuart. On the same day (not entirely coincedentally) my very first single is being released on all digital marketplaces. It's a double A side of 'Moonglow Music' and 'The End' - both of which are on the new album, 'Home' which is soon to be available. I've already got my copy and am delighted with it not only in its production and content but also in the cover and layout. (Thanks for all these elements to Marc, Ali, Martin and Belinda amongst others).

Watch this space for more details to follow re launch night etc.

Got to go now. Until the next time, enjoy the summer.

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