There have been so many things happening over the last few weeks that I just don't have time to tell you them all. However, the main things are that my second album 'Home' is now finished and I'm awaiting delivery. Well actually, I'm not sitting in waiting on it but will be in France for the next few weeks and will get the cds on my return. (Although some are being sent out to me there for the gigs that I'll be doing).

I'm delighted with this album and have already been told that it's better than the first. I was very happy with 'Lazy and Mellow' as I am with 'Home' - but it's hard to be objective about your own stuff. I'm therefore glad to hear objective opinions about this one. In addition to having another album being released in October, I have also arranged for a single to be issued via downloads only on 23rd July - the day we play the Wickerman Festival. This first double A side single from the album is called 'Moonglow Music' and 'The End' and will be available on all major download stores from that date. You however, can hear a little snippet of these two songs as well as another little teaser from 'Home' called 'Precious Mistakes' (aka my driving song) on the music page.

Since last we communicated I've also been performing in the Leith Festival with my pal Martin Lennon sharing the bill. We had a great night and played our socks off. Excellent feedback from our audience who had chosen to come out and see us rather than sit in and watch the England game on telly. Well done you guys. I know you all thought you'd made the right choice (or that's what you told me anyway!).

Better go now and start packing.

A bientot mes amis and please continue to check here for updates because, even though I'm not physically here, I am still just a mouse click away and will be updating as necessary. Until next time...

PS: The website was moved to a different host recently, so it was offline for a few days - but now you can look forward to some changes in the coming weeks and months.

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