Here I am writing this while trying to keep my eyes open. Our lovely, relaxing and refreshing holiday in France was marred a bit by the return overland and by ferry that lasted for 26 hours and ended in the somewhat surreal experience of taking the overnight Megabus from London to Edinburgh. Not how I would have chosen to end a holiday but actually better than I would have anticipated. So thanks to those people who helped us get home, primarily Janne and our French friend Manuel, but not forgetting our two great Megabus drivers. Merci mes amis.

Thoroughly enjoyable gig on Saturday night in L'Escale, Siorac en Perigord, Dordogne, and have been invited back there in July, so thanks are due to M. et Mme. James et famille. A bientot and see you in July.

There are several musical things that I'm looking forward to in the near future, some of which you can already read about on the website and some of which you'll just have to wait a bit longer to hear about.

Talking of which - I have a new gig lined up with Marc Pilley and friends on 22nd May. Details on gigs page. Got to go now and catch up on some sleep. A bientot.

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These are just the next few gigs I'm doing. For a full list, check the gigs page. For more info on these gigs, just click each gig.