‘Time….there’s never enough of it’ - a wee taster for you there of ‘Timeclock’ one of the new songs on the next album; how true, how true. Life is so hectic, can’t wait to go off to France for a couple of weeks soon to do nothing more exhausting than drink red wine, eat good food, go for long, lazy walks and bike rides and smell the early spring flowers. It’s a tough job...

No recording done this week as Marc and I were busy rehearsing for the Lucy Wainwright Roche gig on the 8th March. Marc’s on backing vox and percussion and it’s sounding awesome.

I’m also getting quite carried away by the discussions he and I are having about touring Europe on a double bill of Hobotalk and me (and my band). Sounds like a definite maybe for doing that, if not this summer, then next. I already have the French Connections mes amis!

More pics on the gallery at last – thanks to Belinda who did a great job (in terrible lighting) at the recent gig with Mairi et al in Portobello.

I’m now booked onto the Three Harbours Festival again in East Lothian this summer with Polly and the Porty Belles. As well as this, my pal Martin and I will be gigging in the Leith Festival again. Is it coming up to summer or something? Check out gigs page for details.

My album has been featured on John Macdonald’s show on Sunny Govan Radio this week and I was playing live on East Coast FM last Friday which was fun. Today Haddington and Glasgow, tomorrow…Dunkeld?! Actually, yes. We’ll be there for a couple of days and will be in the Taybank on Friday night in the Music Room playing some stuff with the other musos. It’s always been a good night any other time we’ve been there.

Until the next time, adios amigos.

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