For this, the first ever blog entry on, I thought I'd share the review from the Evening News. The whole thing can be found on the Evening News website.

Gig review: Martin Lennon and Rosie Nimmo, Isobar

"Taking over at half time, Rosie Nimmo treated the audience to a showcase of songs from her new album, Lazy and Mellow. Including the title track, a whimsical song with the sort of bluesy ease that makes you want to share it with Sunday brunch and the newspapers.

...Blending dark, indie-inspired lyrics with such clear vocals gives Nimmo's work an almost Detroit Blues meets acoustic Nirvana feel to songs including Dangerous and Nothing to Fear. While as She's Flying [sic] and That Shy Girl brought out the girlish fun that infuses many of her lyrics.

Pausing to give the crowd one last song, she sang them the tune her music engineer reckons will be the next 'Peugeot ad'. "

Gig review: Rosie Nimmo, Three Harbours Festival, East Lothian

Rosie’s performance at this years Three Harbours Sunset Session was a highpoint of the festival. Her superb vocal range and the personal songs worked very well within the intimate setting of upstairs of The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

As she sung the song of her daughter leaving home, I could see the sun setting over the Firth of Forth, through the windows of The Goth. It was a touching and beautiful moment at this years Festival.

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