Once again, that lovely man Iain Anderson played the title track from the album on his show on Radio Scotland on Tuesday night (It's at 45.53 and goes on until 50.18).

There followed a little bit of debate about whether or not the cd itself was actually available for sale yet. Only on the website as you'll know if you've visited the music page. The launch isn't until 25th November in the Voodoo Rooms Speakeasy.

This week is being taken up with organising said launch and relevant tour and press info. Lots of stuff to be synchronising (and lots to do all at once too!) Playing on Sunday in the Blue Bean Coffee Shop in Portobello High Street, Edinburgh at 3.30pm which should be a cosy little gig - just me and my guitar. Please come along and say hello if you're in the area.

Iain Anderson played some of my songs on his radio show this week! Spider And Fly are around 1hr 18 mins in on this clip, and Lazy And Mellow gets an airing on this clip at around 44 mins in. A BIG thank you to Iain!!

What a mad week it’s been. White EPs sent out on my behalf to the BBC. Fingers crossed that someone out there picks up on my stuff.

All of the independent music shops in Edinburgh are now stocking the CD and the Music Library and Portobello Library will soon have a copy each on site.

Love the album poster, check them out at the link there, or look for them at various venues around Edinburgh.

Saturday night played at the opening bash for the International Book Festival and the blues band was well received.

Played to a small but perfectly formed and appreciative audience in the Scotch Malt Whisky Society last night and rounded all this excitement off with a live performance and chat on Logan’s Brunch on Leith FM this morning. Batteries now recharging.

PS: many thanks to those appreciative folk who are already buying the album. Your comments on the guestbook are particularly welcome.

I’m also going to say this only once. A huge thank you to Martin for putting this website together and to Andrew for integrating the guestbook into it.

For this, the first ever blog entry on rosienimmo.com, I thought I'd share the review from the Evening News. The whole thing can be found on the Evening News website.

Gig review: Martin Lennon and Rosie Nimmo, Isobar

"Taking over at half time, Rosie Nimmo treated the audience to a showcase of songs from her new album, Lazy and Mellow. Including the title track, a whimsical song with the sort of bluesy ease that makes you want to share it with Sunday brunch and the newspapers.

...Blending dark, indie-inspired lyrics with such clear vocals gives Nimmo's work an almost Detroit Blues meets acoustic Nirvana feel to songs including Dangerous and Nothing to Fear. While as She's Flying [sic] and That Shy Girl brought out the girlish fun that infuses many of her lyrics.

Pausing to give the crowd one last song, she sang them the tune her music engineer reckons will be the next 'Peugeot ad'. "

Gig review: Rosie Nimmo, Three Harbours Festival, East Lothian

Rosie’s performance at this years Three Harbours Sunset Session was a highpoint of the festival. Her superb vocal range and the personal songs worked very well within the intimate setting of upstairs of The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

As she sung the song of her daughter leaving home, I could see the sun setting over the Firth of Forth, through the windows of The Goth. It was a touching and beautiful moment at this years Festival.

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