Well, it's good to be back in sunny Scotland after a few weeks in la belle France where we not only holidayed but also did four fun gigs. So a big 'bonjour' to our new fans and friends in south western France - it was great to meet you all and thanks for all your support and positive comments :)

There are some exciting developments happening for me just now, not least of which is that Tom Morton has started to give my music some airplay on his BBC Scotland show 'Morton through midnight'. Thanks for this to Tom and producer, Nick.

As you'll see from my home page, there are new songs available to download from Bandcamp - it seems to be the best way of getting music in a high quality format that you, the buyer, likes. Please try it and let me know what you think.

Marc and I are still having a lot of fun working on my third album. There are four new songs finished already with quite a few others still in various stages.

I'm playing at the National Portrait Gallery on Thursday, 24th July from 6pm for 40 minutes and then dashing off to our regular venue, The Shore Bar, Leith for a half past eight gig there preceded by their fabulous fish and chips!!

But of course, for me my main concert is the Fringe gig that I'm doing on 16th August - full details of which are on the gig page - and that one will involve the full band and a full complement of new songs as well as some old favourites. Hope you can make it along to that.

In the meantime, have a great summer and I hope to see you soon :)

What a busy time it's been, so I must apologise for the lack of recent updates.

The new album (working title at the moment is 'keep') is coming along nicely and it's great fun and very satisfying to be developing it with Marc. For the first time there will be two songs that I've co-written with him on it and it's all so exciting I can't wait to let you hear more. In the meantime you can hear some of what's been done by going to my bandcamp page where you'll find three tracks that I've just released from it - There's a new link in the menu above called 'downloads', and that will take you there from anywhere on the site. There are also some details there about the origins of the songs.

As you know I do love to play live and, as well as some of the regular gigs that we do, there are some other interesting looking concerts coming up in the near future including one at the National Galleries for Scotland on Thursday, 20th March at 6pm, the launch party for the International Book Festival on 9th August as well as my annual gig in the Edinburgh International Fringe on 16th August. Details for all of these on the gigs page. Oh, and there will also be some petits concerts in France in the summer, one of which is already confirmed. Never a dull moment!

Hope that's enough to keep you all updated for the time being.

ps I know there will soon be some new videos being posted so watch this space... Until next time, adios amigos :)

We all had great gig at a busy Leith Folk club on Tuesday, 14th. Enthusiastic audience, the band played well - Emma on lovely cello and backing vox, Stuart on some stand out guitar and Tommy on heartbeat bass - and the organisers loved us. We had a ball. What's not to like? Martin played a fab support and got the audience suitably warmed up for us.  

The icing on the cake was that BBC Radio Scotland's Iain Anderson played one of my new songs, There Was a Man, (it's the story of my dad's life and how he'd been affected by being at Dunkirk during WW2 - a very different song live than it is on the record, by the way) the evening before - the day he would have got the ep.  Thanks Iain and team, we all love you!!

Incidentally, if you want to hear any of my songs on the radio, most of the presenters will play stuff if it's requested of them.  You have been warned :)

Until the next time, amigos...

Happy New Year!!!

From the better late than never department, this is a last minute reminder about the gig this evening at the Leith Folk Club. Tickets are £7 and the doors open at 7.30. Do come early so you don't miss support act and webmaster Martin Lennon strutting his stuff!

This evening I'm also launching a brand new EP of new songs (as well as singing them in the show!) I'm extremely excited about this EP as well the new album we're working on which should follow... oh, sometime soon!

I promise faithfully to get a full size blog up in the VERY near future!!

A Bientot for now.

Well, here we are again, only a few months after the last (proper) entry! Firstly, can I please apologise to anyone who has tried to contact me via the contact page in the last few months. As you'll see from Martin's entry yesterday, we've just discovered that it's not been working so, if you haven't heard back from me after trying to contact me, my apologies but please try again now. I'm confident that it's working well again.

A quick update on what I've been doing since April. Lots of gigs (some 'full houses') including two in France, some in my usual haunts, a couple in the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and my annual gig in St. Bride's Acoustic Music Centre (when we had the pleasure to welcome the wonderful Emma Turley on cello and backing vox for her annual gig with us) as part of the Edinburgh International Fringe. And what a joy it was to play at the National Portrait Gallery with Stuart Allardyce last night. Full house too. Our host, Pati, told me at the end that she'd had an awful day but that we had turned it around for her and she left the Gallery feeling 'very mellow and much happier' because of our music! The best accolade! Thanks to those of you who came along to all of our gigs over the last few weeks wherever they were.

Finally, just a heads up that I'm currently working on my third album with the marvellous Marc Pilley. It's a most enjoyable process, making an album with such a talented and empathic friend as Marc, and this one won't be rushed as we're enjoying the journey too much.  Suffice to say that I've gigged some of the new songs in the last week or so to very good feedback. Watch this space :)

PS: A wee bit of additional excitement for me (apart from the delight of getting a kitten, named Sid) is that I've passed my first piano exam and am now the proud holder of Grade 3 Piano Certificate!

Have a great end of summer folks :)

Just a quick point of order...

If you've tried to get in touch with me using the contact page form lately, it's not been working and I may not have received your message. It's working now, though, so feel free to try again.

More later...

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