Did a couple of interesting gigs last week. First up was the benefit concert on Friday night which was organised by Mairi Campbell. Mairi played on my songs with me as did Marc Pilley (Hobotalk) and Stuart Allardyce. It was just like the album launch night all over again.

On Saturday, I did a little gig in Coda with the able assistance of Tommy and made some new fans. Welcome on board folks.

I will be playing live on East Coast Radio's morning show on Friday, 19th February at 10.20. Will also be chatting with the host, Graeme Logan about forthcoming events.

The single is being released on 23rd March and will be a double A side of Spider and Fly and a re-recorded version of Girl on a Bicycle. The radio shows have their pre-release copies and I understand there are already plans afoot to play it. Cheers m'dears.

Hope to see you at one of the gigs that are planned for the next few weeks. I have to say I am especially excited about the re-scheduled support gig for Lucy Wainwright Roche on 8th March in the Voodoo Rooms. This lady is really going places - catch her while you can, (she's great) and while tickets are a measly £7. I know that Marc will be performing with my wee merry band that night and that brings a great extra dimension.

Look after yourselves and can I just say a huge congratulations to my pal Martin and his FIANCEE Susie; I'm delighted for you guys. Way to go...

Just a super-fast update to say that the Lucy Wainwright-Roche support gig on the 2nd March has been rescheduled to Monday 8th March. As ever, it's on the gig page, so keep checking back for more gigs as they come up.

Quick update for you with my news. If you go to the gigs page you’ll see that I now have two great support gigs. The first will be in the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, on Tuesday, 2nd March where I’m supporting Lucy Wainwright-Roche. Check her out, she’s not as famous (yet) as her siblings Rufus and Martha Wainwright but she has such a gorgeous voice and seems to be a great person too. Looking forward to meeting her and opening the gig for her.

The second, thrilling (for me anyway as I’m a huge fan) support slot that is now booked is on 9th May, Portobello Community Centre, 8pm. And the artist in question is Jane Siberry – only one of the very best songwriters and performers in the world. This is a very intimate gig with tickets limited to 40 so will be sold out before you can blink.

Do any of you listen to French radio, and if so, did you hear one of my songs being played there on Friday? A friend in France is sure she heard me as she went about her business but it’s not been confirmed. Please let me know if you have heard. I get emails via the website. Thanks.

There is other, potentially more exciting stuff in the pipeline but you’ll just have to wait, as I am having to do, to find out if it’s going to happen. Watch this space!

Oops, should have just given a quick mention to last week’s gig at the Edinburgh Folk Club. What a great place to play, lovely people, warm and listening audience – some of whom bought the cd. So a big thanks to Paddy Bort, the organiser and to Heather on sound. Also to the others involved. Hoping to be invited back there again soon.

The Jani Lang Band were just fab.

Check out the photos on the Edinburgh Folk Club's photo page

I suddenly realised that I’d not brought you up to date with how things have been going for a few weeks; my apologies. Can I just say in my defence that I have been, and continue to be, inordinately busy. Anyway, here goes.

As mentioned in the last blog, I was through in that dear green place on Sunday playing in Celtic Connections on the Danny Kyle Open Stage to a packed house. It’s a competition open to musicians worldwide and they do apparently get hundreds of applicants, so I was rather pleased to get a place. Stuart and Tommy gave their usual marvellous contributions on guitar and bass respectively. It was one of these things that I had been anticipating so much that, when we were actually there, seemed to be over in a moment. Just like life really, long wait for something then it’s over. I must say that it’s the first time I’ve played in Glasgow and the audience were great. They seemed as disappointed as me when it was last song time, with calls for another song. And what good singers they were! I always love it when people sing along and they did so with gusto to ‘girl on a bicycle’. Well done, Glasgow.

There are more events on the horizon. I’m about to launch a single in the near future and will keep you updated about which song it will be.

Gigswise, I will be playing at the Pleasance this coming Wednesday and on Friday, 12th, have a lovely gig lined up with the folk who played on the album including Mairi Campbell, Stuart Allardyce, Marc Pilley and Ali Petrie. See the gigs page for more details.

Stuart and I are also playing in the Fife Jazz Festival in the Rothes Halls on Saturday, 6th February supporting King King and Blues ‘n’ Trouble.

Marc and I are well underway with the second album and it’s a process that I just love to bits – it’s so much fun and incredibly rewarding to develop the new songs and bounce ideas off each other about their arrangements and production. (Expect a lot more harmonica playing on it). I have also written a couple of new songs in the last few days and these will be on the new album. Thank God a cheerful song has emerged. It was starting to get too dark and gloomy in my brain. Well I loved the snow and have written a wee ditty about it which I hope you all like when you hear it. Might give it an airing at the next couple of gigs – but only if it snows again.

Until then, adios amigos.

Once again, a very quick note (honest, I'll do a full blog soon, but I'm really awfy busy. I promise!) to say, have a keek at the gig page: I'm playing on the 24th of January at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow during Celtic Connections. It's part of a big... oh, I'll do a proper blog soon - in the meantime, get that into your diaries!

Just a quick note to say - The gig at Coda on Bank Street has been postponed - partly because of the arctic weather!! You'll see it on the forthcoming gigs page happening on the 13th February. Stuart and I are also performing at the reopening of Portobello Library on the 15th January.

It's all go!

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