Well, back in the land of work after three weeks en vacances in relaxing and very hot France. Actually did a couple of gigs there which went well, one unscheduled one at a Marche Bio when our friends the organisers asked us to play a couple of sets. It was lovely except for one thing that I had overlooked; intense, muggy heat, performing in a field close to a river = mosquitoes. What do you do when you're in the middle of playing and can actually watch the little beggars landing on your arm and having their tea???......keep going is the answer. The second gig was more civilised, in a very chic bar/restaurant to a small but perfectly formed audience some of whom have become new fans. Bonjour.

Bonjour also to a Dutch couple Jimmy and Floor (think Fleur) who bought both of my albums at a vide grenier after I'd played them an impromptu song (at their request). Somewhat bizarre experience playing and singing beside a field somewhere in rural France on a Sunday morning while being filmed by a complete stranger :D

And now to the big news - Wickerman Festival gig this Friday at 1.30 in the Acoustic Tent. I will be ably assisted at this by Stuart. On the same day (not entirely coincedentally) my very first single is being released on all digital marketplaces. It's a double A side of 'Moonglow Music' and 'The End' - both of which are on the new album, 'Home' which is soon to be available. I've already got my copy and am delighted with it not only in its production and content but also in the cover and layout. (Thanks for all these elements to Marc, Ali, Martin and Belinda amongst others).

Watch this space for more details to follow re launch night etc.

Got to go now. Until the next time, enjoy the summer.

There have been so many things happening over the last few weeks that I just don't have time to tell you them all. However, the main things are that my second album 'Home' is now finished and I'm awaiting delivery. Well actually, I'm not sitting in waiting on it but will be in France for the next few weeks and will get the cds on my return. (Although some are being sent out to me there for the gigs that I'll be doing).

I'm delighted with this album and have already been told that it's better than the first. I was very happy with 'Lazy and Mellow' as I am with 'Home' - but it's hard to be objective about your own stuff. I'm therefore glad to hear objective opinions about this one. In addition to having another album being released in October, I have also arranged for a single to be issued via downloads only on 23rd July - the day we play the Wickerman Festival. This first double A side single from the album is called 'Moonglow Music' and 'The End' and will be available on all major download stores from that date. You however, can hear a little snippet of these two songs as well as another little teaser from 'Home' called 'Precious Mistakes' (aka my driving song) on the music page.

Since last we communicated I've also been performing in the Leith Festival with my pal Martin Lennon sharing the bill. We had a great night and played our socks off. Excellent feedback from our audience who had chosen to come out and see us rather than sit in and watch the England game on telly. Well done you guys. I know you all thought you'd made the right choice (or that's what you told me anyway!).

Better go now and start packing.

A bientot mes amis and please continue to check here for updates because, even though I'm not physically here, I am still just a mouse click away and will be updating as necessary. Until next time...

PS: The website was moved to a different host recently, so it was offline for a few days - but now you can look forward to some changes in the coming weeks and months.

Fanastic concert on Saturday night at Portobello Community Centre featuring Hobotalk, Ian Petrie, Klive Smith, Stephen Price and finally, myself and Tommy. What a great night we all had in the packed room - a bit of a hot night given that the gig was sold out and we couldn't get the windows open. However, that didn't stop anyone's enjoyment of the event. All proceeds went to Musac, a charity working with adults with additional support needs, some of whom had come along and joined in the fun. Videos to follow.

This music thing just keeps on improving for me. The new album is moving along nicely and will actually be finished by late summer; loving the results and the process so far and the new songs are being very well received when I play them live.

The tickets for some of the festivals I'm playing in are now on sale and details can be found on the gigs page.

Hope you're all hale and hearty. Until the next time....

A super quick update: both the video pages and the gallery have had the Eric Bibb support gig photos and You Tube clips added, so if you didn't make it along (where were you?) you can watch them here on this site, and get a taste of what it was like.

PS: If you can't see the videos here on this site, you may have to update your Flash player, but in the meantime, here are the You Tube links for the Queen's Hall songs:

Well, I've now had a bit of time to come down from the ceiling where I've been since Friday night (well Friday morning if I'm honest, due to the anticipation).

The gig at the Queen's Hall was such a memorable experience, not least because we met the great man Eric Bibb and his gang, Sari and Grant. What a great bunch of guys and such musicianship!

Our part in the evening went off really well - fabulous acoustics in the hall - and we all had a lot of fun and feel that we acquitted ourselves well. Some great feedback from the audience and staff after the show too, which is heartening. Feels like we're on a good path just now.

And speaking of good paths, our musical path through life continues with a gig in Portobello Community Centre this Saturday, 22nd May, featuring Hobotalk, myself, Ian Petrie and Stephen Price. Tickets (selling out fast as it's in the small room so very limited number of seats) are priced at £10, all of which is going to the charity Musac. Available by contacting me via the website or speak with Stephen Price on 07946 680278.

Onwards and upwards my friends.

Here are the links to the videos that were taken on Friday in the Queen's Hall. More to follow.

(I just want to add a wee thank you to Dave for taking these videos - Thanks Dave!!)

Hope this finds you all well and happy.

What a busy little bee I've been, zzub, zzub, zzubing for weeks now. (Those of you who listen to lyrics will get that one) Latest in the line of amazing experiences was the Jane Siberry gig in Portobello where I did a short opening slot. What a fantastic night it was. The only other time I've seen Jane perform was in the Queen's Hall four years ago and it counts as one of my top three gigs ever. Last night she enthralled a packed salon to take us to another world of her (and our) imagination. A truly special night. Thank you Jane for your magic. Come back soon.

To add to my (already too high) levels of adrenalin, this Friday sees me and my band doing the support for Eric Bibb in the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh. Another of my favourite musicians, I'm really looking forward to starting the night for him. 'Who's in the band'? I hear you ask - well we've got Tommy on bass, Marc Pilley on percussion and Stuart Allardyce on lead guitar. A great combo which you might remember played at the Lucy Wainwright-Roche gig in March.

Marc is also hosting and playing (as Hobotalk with Ali Petrie) at a charity bash in Portobello on 22nd May and has asked me play there too. Details on gigs page.

That should keep you all going for a wee while.

Catch you soon.'

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