A very quick update for you all!

I'm now going to be hosting a monthly open mic night on the first Monday of each month, starting on the 5th November at the Skylark, 241-243 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh from 9pm.

Their number is 0131 629 3037 and their website is www.theskylarkportobello.com.

Bring an instrument, bring a friend, bring yourself, but whatever else you do, enjoy the music!

See you soon!

So sorry not to have been keeping you up to date with events. I do have a Facebook page where you will be able to keep up with what I'm up to on a more regular basis - mainly because it's so easy for me to update it :) You can also become a fan of Rosie Nimmo Music there too.

Just about to go jetting off to sunnier climes but and a couple of gigs in France but will definitely be more pro-active with my blog on my return.

Have a good summer in the meantime

It's never that time of year already; another birthday under my belt (aaaaaah), a new house and all the associated adrenalin (stress) that goes with it.

One of the quaint things about our new house is that we've inherited many, many gnomes and a whole host of other garden inhabitants and landmarks like a castle, a windmill, oh and the Seven Dwarves (although there's no sign of Snow White). I do have plans for all of these characters.... If you know my song 'Timeclock' (that's on 'Home') you'll know the chorus which is 'da da da da da da da ...' - you get the picture?! Well, I've an idea for a short animation for this song and the gnomes and their assorted little buddies will fit the bill perfectly; watch this space - although it might take some time to come to fruition. If there are any good animators out there please get in touch.

In the meantime, there are a couple of new gigs added to the website (thanks Martin) and in the not too distant future we'll be launching a new, all singing, all dancing, updated site. Can't wait. Hope all's good with you and yours.

Rosie :)

Sorry for having been 'off the radar' for so long - life is just so hectic all of the time these days, even on holiday in la belle France it was hectic; but very agreeable!

There's not an awful lot to tell you just now other than my music has had some quality airplay over the last few months and the festivals and gigs we did in the summer and early autumn were very enjoyable. Like most musicians I love to play live and get a real buzz from performing for people who appreciate what we do and who come and speak to us at the end. Lovely to make these connections.

One little bit of recent excitement was when I went along to the Born to be Wide music seminar last week in Edinburgh with the intention of saying hello to Stewart Cruickshank who is a co-producer of Iain Anderson's Radio Scotland show. I am delighted that Iain plays my music on a regular basis and gives me a name check when there's some event to publicise. Well I did meet Stewart, and a very nice chap he is too. He also happens to be a fount of good advice and has a great deal of experience and expertise in the music industry and was sharing his extensive knowledge with the audience last week. He also used me as an example of how to nurture a professional relationship with radio producers and presenters, praising my music and albums too. I did feel a tad embarrassed as I wasn't expecting that at all but was also really chuffed that he thought that way about me and my music. All good.

Hope life is treating you well. Why not join me as a Facebook friend and keep up to date that way too?

Until the next gig or the next time we meet, whichever is first, a bientot mes amis.

it's taken me a little time to get round to writing about the Fringe gig last Friday but that's just because life is completely BUSY just now. And on top of all the usual stuff, you know how they say that one of the most stressful things you can do is move house? Well, guess what? Yes, house selling at the moment with all of the joys that entails.

Enough of this and to Friday's gig. A capacity audience again, as we had last year. Very hot room, people from all over the world in the audience and Stuart, Tommy, Emma and I on stage. A great night. Probably one of my top three gigs. What a pleasure to play with these guys. And what a pleasure to speak with some of the audience members afterwards (some of whom I know, strangely enough); especially Phillip and Maureen who had me as one of their top 'must see' shows after hearing me on BBC Northern Ireland. Glad you enjoyed the show so much guys.

There's also a review done by John at edinburghfringefest.com. You'd never guess I'm writing this while not at home with all of the relevant info to hand :D

Hope all's well with y'all and catch you soon at a venue near you...

Now racing towards the Edinburgh Fringe gig at St. Bride's Acoustic Music Centre on Friday, 19th at 9pm. I can't believe that we've already got both of the Jazz Festival gigs under our belts; they seem like a dim and distant memory now. At the time we got very lucky with the weather for the Mardi Gras. The sun shone on us and the huge crowd who turned out to enjoy the music that day. If you were one of them, 'hi'. It was lovely to be in such demand that when we were having to finish because of the time curfew the crowd almost rioted. Rock 'n roll, eh? A special 'hi' to Catriona who caught us that day and also came along to the Music Library on Monday as she enjoyed us, and 'Lazy and Mellow' so much :) There will be some videos of us at the Mardi Gras appearing on the band website and youtube in the next few days.

Our other, duo, gig at the Jamhouse was enjoyable in a different way. What a treat to see James Hunter and his band play after us. Wow, check him out.

Better get off this computer and do something real now before it steals my soul.

It would be great to see you at St. Bride's on Friday.

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