This was the second of my own gigs in the last few weeks, the first one being at Leith Folk Club where I did my once a year headline slot, that time with the amazing Suzy Cargill on percussion. That too was a great night, although last night’s was better, if only because it was SOLD OUT. Did I mention that already??!! ?

Since I’ve last updated this blog there has been so much going on that I’m not going to bore you with the details other than to say we’re now well on the way to having a fourth album. There are about seven songs pretty much finished and there is no sign that ideas are running out. The song subjects vary wildly from an observation about how daft life is to a eulogy to a friend, with songs about dogs, cats and dolphins and loneliness thrown in for good measure. There’s never a dull moment! I’m hugely enjoying the process of developing song ideas again and of my weekly meetings with Marc (Pilley) who is bringing his usual magic touch to the production as well as being great company. It’s funny because I’d initially suggested to Marc last November that I’d like to make maybe one EP a year just to keep my hand in. He basically poo poo’d that as he knows me so well he knew that there would be a lot more than that once we got started. He was right. Watch this space for further news.

In the meantime, this year I’ve also started to really work on developing my guitar playing and that is coming through in the new songs. One big difference with these new songs is that most of them have already been gigged, even if I’ve only just finished the song. I felt I wanted to really know them better before making a finalised recording of them. This was because, certainly with the first two albums, I’d written the songs and recorded them without ever really performing them live, so the recordings aren’t always how they get played at gigs. I already know these new songs well and that feels good.

Although I’ve just done the aforementioned two gigs of my own stuff in Edinburgh, Tommy and I did a couple of gigs in France in early July and these were a steep learning curve but very enjoyable. I feel that we can apply what we learned there, and continue to learn, to gigs in the future, for example the one he and I are doing at the brand new Bluebella Festival in Northumberland on the 18th August.

Next up in live performance will be this Saturday evening, the 11th, when I do a short set of my own songs then our blues, rock and soul band - Rosy Blue - kick in with two sets of lively stuff for the launch party of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. That’s always a nice gig although it’s a few years now since we’ve done it. Should be fun...

Stuart and I continue to get some lovely jazz/blues/covers gigs for the duo, including one earlier in the summer at the National Gallery of Scotland, and details of these and all other gigs can be found on the gigs page on this website as well as at

Please get in touch via the contact page on this website if you have any comments to pass on.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

PS: We came back early from France to go to see Paul Simon on his farewell tour and he was superb, outstanding, incredible, unbelievable, phenomenal, etc, etc!

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