Rosie Nimmo is an Edinburgh singer/songwriter who also performs other peoples’ music in a jazz/blues band with whom she has won many fans both local: "...the guitars melted into the background and the purity of her voice really came to the fore - Edinburgh Evening News" and national: "...'a dynamic singer with a smooth band - The Guardian".

Having been raised on a mixed diet of solo performers including Neil Young, James Taylor and Carole King, Rosie’s musical tastes also encompass the varied genius of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Joan Armatrading, kd laing, Nick Cave, Dusty Springfield, Jacques Brel and John Martyn among others. Blues and rock favourites include Led Zeppelin, and Taste with Rory Gallagher as well as Etta James, John Lee Hooker and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Rosie has been quietly working away on her own songs for some years now and has decided that she wants to share her thoughts and musical musings with a wider audience. Serendipity led to a meeting with Marc Pilley of Hobotalk who was keen to become involved as the producer of the music and Marc has been instrumental in producing not one but two albums for Rosie in the space of two years. Not only did Marc produce these albums he also plays on most of the tracks on both albums, together with Ali Petrie the keyboard wizard from Hobotalk.

The first album ‘Lazy and Mellow’ was well reviewed nationally and played on BBC radio stations throughout Britain. The second album ‘Home’ is already garnering positive national reviews prior to its launch in October 2010. Some of Rosie’s hugely talented friends are the remaining musicians on the album. Stuart Allardyce lends his guitar magic on both albums, Martin Lennon played bass on some songs on ‘Lazy and Mellow’, and the international star, Mairi Campbell plays fiddle and viola on several tracks on both albums. The young and gifted Emma Turley lends her sensitive cello playing to two tracks on ‘Home’ as does Tommy Nimmo on bass.

For Rosie one of the most important positives to come out of this process is that she has been delighted to welcome Marc as one of her friends. His intuitive ear and sensitivity to her music has meant it has been a huge pleasure to make these albums with him and she is now looking forward to more collaborative work with him in the future.

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