Rosie Nimmo performingHi there, and welcome to my website!

Hopefully, you'll enjoy wandering around listening to my music and seeing the photos and performance videos. The Biography page will tell you a little bit about me.

On the Audio page, you'll find samples from all of my albums - Lazy & Mellow, (released 2009), Home (released in Oct 2010) and my most recent album, Scrapbook (released 2016). You can buy all of these albums here on the website, but do check back regularly for other goodies - live tracks, unreleased songs etc. In fact, right now you'll also find a couple of radio interviews I did in support of the CDs.

You can also watch a selection of live videos, taken from gigs in a variety of places, and featuring songs from each of my albums.

The Gigs page will obviously keep you up to date with where I'm performing and when.

For now, the Gallery page features photos from recent gigs or time away from the stage. This section will grow and grow over time, so always have another look - you never know what might have appeared.

The News page is where you can get the 'skinny' on special events and excitements.

The Newsletter is where all the action will be.  I'll send out a newsletter once a month or so, although there may be an occasional additional extra-special 'newsflash' edition of the Newsletter. There'll be photos and perhaps a few exclusive links which will spill the beans on future projects, stories behind the songs and just things that I'm thinking... well, perhaps not everything. All you have to do to receive this monthly bag of goodies is to put your name and email address into the Newsletter form on this page and click the subscribe button. You can unsubscribe any time you like and I will NEVER share your details with anyone. I promise!

Things change quickly in this world and the best way to keep updated is to subscribe to the newsletter and check back to my website often – why not add me to your favourites?

If you want to contact me for any reason, send me an email via the contact page. I really do look forward to hearing from you...

All the best

Rosie Nimmo

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You can buy any or all of Rosie's CDs direct from her. Click on any of the buttons below and pay with either paypal or any major card.

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These are just the next few gigs I'm doing. For a full list, check the gigs page. For more info on these gigs, just click each gig.